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33 Groups Investing, Xiangluo Bay Commenced 30 Projects
enorth.com.cn   2009-01-14 09:26


On yesterday morning (Jan 7, 2009), Wukuang Commercial Complex commenced construction of its main body in Xiangluo Bay, and 30 projects, including 35 buildings commenced constructions at the same time in Xiangluo Bay CBD, marking its construction going on the ¡°highway¡±.

It is introduced by the CBD Management Committee that the infrastructure of Tongluo Bay CBD is complete currently, with main roads opened for traffic, providing basic supporting conditions satisfying project construction. Haihe Bascule Bridge will be opened for traffic in September 2009, being a new support to the development of Xiangluo Bay. By the principle of intensification, the drainage system and power supply system in the CBD are designed carefully, not adopting the "one-stop¡± plan; doing so can meet the requirements of project construction, avoiding waste of resources and construction of redundant projects.

On yesterday morning (Jan 7, 2009), on the land lot A-06 and lot A-08, Wukuang Group celebrated its construction commencing ceremony of Wukuang Commercial Complex main body in Xiangluo Bay CBD. Wukuang Commercial Complex has a total investment amount circa RMB1.1bn, covering a gross floor area 182,700m2, in double-tower structure, at surface elevation of 121.3m, built as AAAAA-grade intelligent complex integrating office building, apartment hotel and commercial building on a whole. The most eye-catching factor of the project is the European style garden of 2,000m2, between the double towers. Project director of Wukuang Group indicates that this garden may reach international first-class standard, rare in China, and will become one of the highlights of Xiangluo Bay. The complex will have the roof sealed by the end of 2009, and will be normally completed in 2011.

It is otherwise introduced by the Management Committee that two buildings of the first complex in Xiangluo Bay ¨C Zheshang Complex had their roofs sealed the day before yesterday (Jan 6, 2009). At present, 33 groups (such as Wukuang Group, CSC Group) in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shanxi and other provinces and municipalities paid in their investments summed RMB30bn, covering a gross floor area of 3,670,000m2.

Zheshang Complex Had the Roof Sealed

On Jan 5, 2009, the fast project under construction in Xiangluo Bay CBD ¨C Zheshang Complex sealed its roof, becoming the first complex of 30 commenced projects that finished its construction of main body in the CBD.

The 127m high Zheshang Complex is very eye-catching in the construction site of Xiangluo Bay CBD. This complex, invested mainly by Zhengjiang Chamber of Commerce, will be used mainly for attract Zhengjiang enterprises residing in Binhai New Area. It is composed of two buildings sitting on a podium, one 30 floored, ant the other 26 floored, with office building, apartment hotel, club, and commercial functions. Of which, the 30-floored building will be mainly used as apartment hotel, while the 26-floored as office building. After sealing the roofs, the construction goes onto interior and exterior furnishing stage, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2010, and ready for accommodation then. Meanwhile, the fame and attractiveness of Xiangluo Bay CBD will also bring about huge business opportunities for Zheshang Complex. The apartment hotel has over two third of its spaces sold since its sales opening ceremony on Dec 21, 2008.


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