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Concern on People’s Livelihood and Make People’s Voice Heard, Tianjin NPC & PCC Members Represent People’s Spokesmen
enorth.com.cn   2009-01-15 09:25


(Enorth.com.cn)“Concern on people's livelihood and make people’s voice heard”, in the sessions of Tianjin NPC & PCC, “people’s livelihood” became the hot keyword. No matter in group discussions, or in the motions, suggestions or proposals submitted, the representatives and members represented people’s spokesmen at all times and checked on “people’s livelihood”.

Ms. ChenGuozhen, present at Tianjin 15th NPC 2nd session as a representative, head of Hedong Business Office of Tianjin Gas Group, submitted her proposals mainly involving the problem of people’s livelihood. She told Enorth.com that: ”Railway tickets buying is a practical issue that troubles the people. It is a big difficulty in Golden Holidays Week and Passengers Transportation Period around Spring Festival of each year. In order to buy the ticket ahead of time, many people are willing to queue for tickets overnight, and sometimes may not succeed in buying tickets in spite of long time of queuing. In addition, ticket traffickers would take advantage of people’s haste in buying tickets, to buy over enough tickets for many runs of trains in advance, and resell them, not only elevating the price, but also disturbing the order of normal tickets sales. Hereby I propose to add some tickets outlets, for the convenience of citizens in buying tickets. If more outlets are increased, citizens will not have to queue for days before long distance travel, nor will they delay their travel due to failure to buy suitable tickets.”

NPC representative Mr. XU Wenjun, head of Tianjin New Unicom Hexi Branch referred to adjustment of bus fare in his proposal. Mr. XU told the reporters: “Currently, many people take bus in consideration of lower price and more convenience, and bus definitely offers many facilities to the public. However, compared to other cities, Tianjin bus fare is a little higher, subject to proper adjustment, so as to better facilitate the development of public traffic and meanwhile attract more people to take bus. Now, many cities have a number of attempts to reduce fare in order to develop public traffic, from which Tianjin may learn some experiences. At the same time, oil price fell to a very low level recently, so in theory, bus fare might have a room for reduction, and I hope bus department can better serve the people.”

Tianjin NPC representative, Mr. Song Yupu, secretary of Party committee of Tianma Group, proposed and hoped that authorities take effective measures to resolve the “poor medical outreach of children hospitals” and the consequential problem of traffic jam around Tonglou in Hexi District. He told the reporter: “Many citizens reflect that Tianjin children hospitals have the problem of poor medical outreach, hospitals have a capacity of 2,000persons/time per day, but currently visiting patients exceed 5,000persons/time per day, so the hospitals are very crowded, insufficient to meet the people’s demands.”

Mr. SONG indicated that he once make field investigations at children hospitals and heard from doctors that children illness changes so fast that an illness in the morning may transform to another illness in the afternoon, so there might not be any once-for-all solution to an illness. If a child has fever to 39oC, and wants injections for 3 days, the doctor won’t prescribe the injections once for 3 days, instead, he will prescribe once for each day, so the child’s parent may have to sign in 3 times, queue 3 times and see the doctor 3 times. In the context of daily flow over 5,000persons/time, a queue may take 4-5 hours, that is, queuing in the morning may result in treatment in the afternoon, and time is wasted in queuing.

Mr. Song said: “Poor medical outreach also results in traffic jam around Tonglou block. Every day there are many people visiting children hospitals, among whom, many parents take their children by car, resulting very serious traffic jam around Tonglou block each day, and meanwhile affecting incidentally the reconstruction and development of Tonglou block.” Mr. Song advised that children hospitals should expand scale or establish branches far away from downtown as soon as possible, which can not only divert patients, mitigate the problem of ‘poor medical outreach’, but also mitigate the traffic pressure in Tonglou block, and facilitate travel for citizens.

Medical Cares: Lower Medical Costs, Better Medical Outreach

Poor medical outreach and high medical costs are always what the people are generally concerned about, and Tianjin NPC representative Mr. Cheng Jinxin, present at Tianjin 15th NPC 2nd session, acting as director of Tianjin Bureau of Public Health, was interviewed by Enorth.com on increasing medical & health investment. He said: "From now on, Tianjin Government will increase medical & health investment, practice ‘dual referral’ and 'zero spread’ systems. From Feb 1, 2009 on, over 200 doctors of major hospitals in Tianjin will spend half a year’s time present at community health service agencies. The team of outgoing doctors will be composed of doctors to be promoted to senior doctor title, pay visits to and have ward checking in 5 community health service agencies adjacent to major hospitals in fixed time, give technical direction and train community doctors, etc. After the outgoing period expires, the evaluation results issued by health centers will be linked to the evaluation results for promotion, enabling doctors’ real efforts in rendering community health service, and the advancement of rapid development of community hospital ‘reassuring the people’."

In the practice of “zero spread” of medicines in community health service agencies, Mr. Chen talked that an investment of RMB106mn is expected to be made by district/county finance and medical insurance. Public hospitals evaluation system will be established in addition to the practice of 4-risk full subsidy for medical staff in 32 major public hospitals, to effectively reduce the medical costs or price. In addition, from 2009 on, 3 years’ time will be spent to educate rural doctors under the age of 45 for a middle medical qualification in education, and it is expected that 770 rural doctors will be trained. Graduates from medical colleges or schools, after recruited by grassroots hospitals, will receive standard trainings in bases mainly at Tianjin major public hospitals, to reach the technical level of general practitioner. From 2009 on, community hospitals will recruit 180 doctors each year, each of whom will receive a yearly subsidy of RMB15,000 and training of 3 years, to fully elevate the quality and level of Tianjin community doctors. From 2009 on, 550 graduates from medical colleges and schools will be recruited each year, to receive standard trainings in bases mainly at Tianjin major public hospitals, each of whom will be trained for 3 years, with yearly subsidy of RMB15,000, which will ‘retain’ the medical students coming from other regions and staying in Tianjin."

Foods: More Secure, More Reassuring

The “Sanlu Milk Powder” incident of 2008 makes foods security hot topic once again of the public. Mr. Chen Shusheng, a PCC member present at Tianjin 12th NPC 2nd session, acting as chief engineer of Tianjin Foods Institute, proposed on foods security, who thought that governmental authorities should issue policies to reinforce management and protection in organizations.

Mr. Chen said: “Firstly there should be a protection in organizations, in the past there was a say ’10 mothers won’t make a meal’, the authorities manage their own businesses in ordinary course, while have conflicts in charging services all together, at the same time they are relieving themselves from responsibilities; it is true that there are defects in organization and administration. As Central Government issues policies, Tianjin should also issue a policy to implement this matter, manage foods security uniformly, as a systematic project, to resolutely avoid similar malicious incidents such as melamine.”

Traffic, Medical care, foods security are all big concerns related to people’s livelihood, so in the sessions of NPC & PCC of 2009, representatives and members focused on such major problems on people’s livelihood, and their motions, proposals and suggestions would become basis for the decision of governmental authorities. 38 citizens were present at the PCC meetings, which was not only a good start, but also reflected the tenet of NPC & PCC sessions that “concern on people’s livelihood and make people’s voice heard”. With the good ideas, good suggestions of representatives or members, with supervision from citizens, the sessions of NPC & PCC in 2009 will gain many results.


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