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Beijiang waste water treatment facilities to be rebuilt
enorth.com.cn   2009-01-19 10:48


(Enorth.com.cn)The feasibility report for the rebuilding of Beijiang waste water treatment project passed the examination of the expert panel. With an investment of 177 million yuan, the construction of the project will kick off in late July and finish before 2010. When the project is put into use, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) released by to Bohai Bay will reduce about 500 tons a year.

According to person in charge of the waste water treatment plant of the Facilities Center of Tianjin Port, the waste discharge volume of Beijing Port has been rising with the increase of port business. The current waste water treatment facilities with a treatment capacity of only 2000 ton/day can¨t meet the requirements on environment protection. Therefore, Facilities Center of Tianjin Port initiated the waste water treatment facilities rebuilding project.

According to the planning, a trunk waste water pipeline with a length of 3850 m and an auxiliary pipeline with a length of 2750 m will be laid and the previous waste water treatment plan will be rebuilt. When the project was put into operation, the daily waste water treatment capacity will increase from the current 2000 tons to 4000 tons and the waste water treatment rate will increase from 65% to 85%.


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