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Vigorous construction of key projects is under way
enorth.com.cn   2009-02-06 10:28


In line with the general requirement of “securing growth, getting over the difficulty and upgrading the level”, all units and individuals in Tianjin made a whole-hearted devotion in the construction of key projects in on February 1, the first work day after the Spring Festival.

The upsurge of development and rejuvenation can be seen in the construction site of some key projects and the builders are devoting in their work with high spirit after getting refreshed during the Spring Festival.

Tianjin Dadao: rush construct a thoroughfare between downtown and Binhai

Many workers were busy working at the construction site of Tianjin Dadao to ensure the accomplishment of the work as soon as possible. According to the workers, it’s only 30 min’s drive from the downtown area to Binhai when the project is put into use.

As the only thoroughfare south to Haihe River, Tianjin Dadao will further close the link between the downtown area and Binhai New Area and connect Xiabailou Business District in the downtown area and Yujiabu and Xiangluowan Central Business District in Binhai New Area. With Jingu Crossroads as the starting point and Zhongyang Dadao as the terminal, the project has a full length of 36 745 km, where the full length of Jinnan Segment is 25. 156 km and of Tanggu Segment is 11 589 km.

According to relevant planning, the traffic south to Haihe River will be divided into three parts, where the port-related cargo transportation will mainly use Tianjin-Shanxi Expressway; the regional cargo transportation will mainly use Tianjin-Tanggu Highway and Tianjin Dadao will be mainly used for passenger transportation.

Airbus A320: interior decoration is finalizing

It’s seen at the final assembly workshop of Airbus A320 aircraft, German technicians were making all-out collaboration with Chinese engineers in a bid to ensure the smooth test flight of the first Airbus A320 aircraft over Binhai New Area in this May and the successful delivery in this June. Currently, four units of Airbus A320 aircrafts were assembling in the final assembly workshop at the same time and major aircraft components for the 5th Airbus A320 has been delivered to the final assembly workshop.

A principal told enorth.com that the interior decoration works as the seats and light control for the first Airbus aircraft have entered the final stage and the assembling of the large operational platform used for the painting of Airbus aircraft is under way.Among others, the construction of the second runway which is used for the test flight also progresses smoothly.

Jean-Luc CHARLES, general manager of Airbus (Tianjin) Final Assembly Co., Ltd., said: “the final assembly line runs smoothly as we planned, we have confidence in realizing the objective of producing 4 aircraft in 2011.”

Eco-city: all-round construction carried out

It’s seen in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Service Center that the workers were seriously studying and discussing the overall planning for the eco-city in the future.

It’s learned that the all-round construction of the eco-city will branch out this year: the construction of the start-up area will take initial shape, the industrial development will come to certain scale and the environmental harnessing will get preliminary effect. The construction of 28 projects of 6 major categories including land requisition, infrastructure and public utilities will be launched and the forecasted investment is 8-10 billion yuan.

Tianjin Metro: make efforts to construct underground traffic hinge

At the construction site of Huayuan Metro Station for Metro Line 3 in Nankai District, more than 40 technicians and workers were maintaining the right line tunnel just opened.

Liu Dejun, principal at the construction site of the metro station, said that his team was constructing two pieces of tunnels at Huayuan and Wang Dingdi stations. With a total length of about 3800 m, it’s predicated that the two pieces of tunnels will be completely opened in this July or August.

Not only the construction of Line 2, 3, 9 will be accelerated, but the construction of Line 5 and Line 6 will kick off. In 2009, the principal structure for 42 stations of Line 2 and Line 3 will be accomplished and the underground shield project will accomplish 85%. The track will be laid and the equipment be installed or Line 2 and Line 3 in 2010. Conditions for the construction of Line 5 which extends from Suangjie, Beichen District to Liyuantou, Xiqing District and Line 6 which extends from Dabizhuang, Dongli District to Shuanggang, Jinnan District will be created.

Lingang Industrial Area: land reclamation

Principal of Tianjin Lingang Industrial Area Administrative Committee Construction & Development Co., Ltd., told enorth.com, that : “Lingang Industrial Area has newly reclaimed 20 sq. km of land and accumulatively reclaimed 40 sq. km of land”.

Currently, there are more than 400 construction vessels in the Lingang Industrial Area and the reclamation capacity has come to 600 000 cubic meters/day. The accumulatively-enclosed sea area has come to nearly 50 sq. km, 40 sq. km of land has been created and 22 sq. km of which has possessed conditions for project construction.

It’s said that petrochemical, oceanic chemical and coal chemical are the mainstay in the Phase I planning of the Lingang Industrial Area and such projects as refinery integrated project of PetroChina, upgrading of Tianjin Alkali Plant, ethene connection project of Dagu Chemical Plant and Bluestar Project of Sinopec progress smoothly.

In addition, Binhai Construction & Investment Group, the mainstay for the infrastructure construction of Binhai New Area, overcame difficulty in winter construction and accelerated project construction under the premise of ensuring project quality and production safety. And the construction of such projects as Haihe Tunnel of Zhongyang Dadao and Haibin Dadao is pressed ahead steadily.


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