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The first Airbus A320 will be delivered in June
enorth.com.cn   2009-03-09 16:08



The economic development of Binhai New Area is also influenced under the backdrop of global economic slowdown. But as any thing is dialectic, opportunity still exists even in crisis. According to source from the Administrative Committee of Binhai New Area, the forecasted gross industrial output value of Binhai New Area is nearly 1000 billion yuan in this year and Binhin has 430 key industrial projects with an investment of above 50 million yuan.

The confidence comes from Binhai’s scientific judgment of the situation. The convergence effect and policy advantage of a state-level new area is an important condition to realize sustainable rapid growth, the optimized industrial structure is the solid base for realizing sustainable fast-speed growth and the successive operation of key projects is the guarantee for realizing sustainable fast-speed growth. Currently, a batch of high-tech projects settle down in Binhai New Area and above 20 industrial clusters are taking shape in Binhai.

Xiangluowan: place of hope

When accepting the exclusive interview of enorth.com.cn, Liu Molin, a head of Xiangluowan Business District, said that although the investment and construction of Xiangluowan is influenced by the rampant global financial crisis, but the overall influence is not big. The Administrative Committee has adopted a series of measures to help in-district enterprises to navigate the difficulties.

Establishing the Commission of Planning and Design and the Commission of Structure Argumentation is one of the most practical measures. Liu Molin said that as all buildings in Xiangluowan Business District are high-rise buildings or ultra high-rise buildings and the maximal and minimal building height comes to 385 m and 100 m, to ensure that all projects in Xiangluowan can meet the requirements in the planning, the Administrative Committee employed top-notch planning masters and structure experts to discuss each project scheme and the structural safety of each building.

Meanwhile, the Administrative Committee also set up a “bank-enterprise cooperation” platform. Resultingly, heads of 22 financial institutions in Binhai New Area can conduct face-to-face discussion with developers of Xiangluowan.

Not only the development of Xiangluowan Business District will be accelerated in this year, but the construction of the surrounding auxiliary facilities will also be expedited. For example, Tianjin Dadao has tackled the traffic problem from Xiangluowan to downtown Tianjin and it’s only 20 min’s drive from the downtown area to Xiangluowan. In addition, the construction of the riverbed tunnel from Yujiabu to Xiangluowan will also be accelerated.

Yujiabu: a hub leading to all directions

Site survey for Yujiabu Railway Station was launched on February 27. According to the prediction of the survey personnel, the pile driven can be made as early as in this May.

As a core area of the CBD of Binhai New Area, Yujiabo Financial & Business Area is situated on the north bank of Haihe River. It will pool the headquarters or regional headquarters of domestic and foreign finance, insurance and securities companies and MNCs.

Mr. Shao, engineer of the survey team of the Third Railway Survey and Design Institute, said that Yujiabo Railway Station connects intrinsically with urban rail traffic and public traffic and the passengers can realize a zero-distance exchange between subway, bus and railway.

The first Airbus A320 will be delivered in this June

Hundreds of aviation components producers gather around Seattle, the US, Toulouse, France and Hamburger, Germany, forming a big “aviation industrial chain.” Therefore, the presence of Airbus FAL in Binhai will change the industrial structure of the entire Bohai rim economic circle. Barron, President of Airbus China ever noted: “Airbus will not only bring projects to Binhai, but numerous aviation manufacturing enterprises and lay a foundation for the forming of aviation industrial zone.”

The Chinese government approved to build the FAL of A320 series aircraft in Binhai New Area on June 8, 2006. Presently, a new industrial cluster is forming. The contract for the aircraft maintenance and modification project of Memphis Group Inc. a US company, and the production of aircraft life-saving equipment of Thornton, a US company, has been signed and such projects as the aircraft leasing, compound materials and aviation paint of China Aviation Supplies Import and Export Group Corporation have been ascertained. In addition, the contracts for more than 30 projects, including Honeywell and PPG aviation paint, will be signed soon. With the engagement of the 102 sq. km “Aviation Town” in early 2009, a modern airport-neighboring industrial zone integrated wit such functions as airport operation support, aviation teaching and scientific research, aviation manufacturing, aviation logistics, maintenance of aviation equipment and conference and exhibition will be formed in the west part of Binhai.

Presently, the exterior painting for the first Airbus aircraft assembled in Tianjin is under way, it’s predicated that the engine will be installed in April, and the aircraft will be delivered to Dragon Aviation Leasing Co., Ltd. in June 2009. Jean-Luc CHARLES, general manager of Airbus (Tianjin) Final Assembly Co., Ltd. said: “just as we expected, the FAL operates smoothly and we have confidence to realize the objective of delivering four aircrafts in late 2011.”

The construction of first workshop for rocket will be completed in late March

In Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA), there’s a backbone industry behind four major pillar industries, i.e. spaceflight high-tech industry. While its core project is the industrialization base for a new generation of carrier rocket in China. The base whose construction has kicked off is situated at Yangbei Highway in the west part of the TEDA.

It’s learned that the construction of the first workshop will be finished in late March and the construction of such projects as casting workshop and forging workshop will be finished in succession before the end of 2009. It’s predicated that the new generation rocket project will usher into sample development stage in late 2012 and the maiden flight will be realized in late 2014.

It’s said that the total investment and land coverage of the industrialization base for a new generation of carrier rocket is about 4.5 billion yuan and 3000 mu respectively.

Zhang Zhiguang, executive manager of the China Construction First Division Group the 2nd Construction Co., Ltd., rocket industrialization base is a long-term project whose most basic effect is talent gathering. “The project requires hundreds of staff, not only experts, but technicians and workers. In addition, the high-tech aviation project will attract a batch of auxiliary enterprises to gather in the area and further optimize local industrial structure.”

Currently, Tianjin Municipality has signed a cooperative agreement with China Aerospace Corporation to co-build a base for the industrialization of a new generation of carrier rockets, development of spacecraft, the comprehensive utilization of new energies and resources, electronic information, public security and optical, mechanical and electronic integration.

Figures supporting the confidence

Relevant personage of the Administrative Committee of Binhai New Area said that the objective for economic development in 2009 is to realize 925 billion yuan gross industrial output value, a growth of 22% y-o-y.

Binhai will arrange 94 infrastructure projects of 8 categories with a total investment of 270 billion yuan in 2009 and it will finish 115 billion yuan investment within the year, a growth of 156% y-o-y.

The construction of 13 key projects as Phase II of Shenhua Coal Terminal will kick off this year to ensure such projects as Phase II expansion of the main navigational channel of Tianjin Port, Section B of Beigangchi Container Terminal and the 2nd runway of the airport.

Binhai will arrange 430 key industrial projects of above 50 billion yuan in size, of which 192 are industrial projects and 181 are service-related projects.


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