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Great blueprint makes Tianjin more charming
enorth.com.cn   2009-03-18 09:45


(Enorth.com.cn)On the basis of adopting such traditional exhibition means as exhibition board and model, the Planning Exhibition Hall adopts large amount of high-tech means and embedded such modern acoustic, optical and electricity technologies as laser imaging, fluorescent map, electronic book and multi-channel projection in a multiple of exhibition linkage to all-roundly display Tianjin’ past, today and future. In addition, the participation and interaction of the participants are stressed and digital multi-media, 4D dynamic cinema and interactive games are designed to enable the audiences to learn, understand and participate in the planning with an easy mode.

See our land from the realistic sand table

When stepping into the historical exhibition zone, the austere decoration style brought your thought to the past days immediately. In the Overall Planning Exhibition Zone, several overall plannings since 1986 are arranged in parallel, enable you to learn urban construction and development clearly. But the most impressive one is the Exhibition Zone of the Model for the Planning of Downtown Area. According to sources, the total area of the model is about 1000 sq. m. The model which is made with a legend of 1:750 is made in two months. It is the only urban model showing each building in the city completely in conformity with detailed urban design in China. The model mainly displays the planning or the 371 sq. km downtown area within the outer ring road in 20 to 30 years going forward. The audiences praised: “such large-sized sand table is really unprecedented!”. The Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Binhai New Area no doubt is the most eye-catching on the 2nd storey. Sand tables for Sino-Singapore Eco-city, Coastal Tourist Zone and Tianjin Port reflect the panorama of Binhai New Area. Advancing the development and opening up of Binhai New Area is a key strategic deployment made by the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council in the new period of the new century from the overall national development and it has become one of the most important works in the development of Bohai-rim area and the strategic planning for national development.

In the Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Haihe, the huge sand table was surrounded by one after another layer of people. The people not only concern the future planning and development of the entire city, but the change to happen beside them. At the same time of looking at the sand table, the audiences exchanged their views with the family members, friends and other audiences.

When it comes to the third storey, Housing Planning Exhibition Zone, Public Facilities Exhibition Zone and Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Key Regions have become the key concerns. In the housing, Public Facilities Exhibition Zone, it’s learned that in the period from 2008 to 2012, the total objective for housing construction in Tianjin is 1.2 million to 1.4 million suites and the total construction area is 98 million sq. m, of which, 25.9 million sq. m are for the economically-affordable house, 250 000 sq. m are for cheap rental house, 48.85 million sq. m are for small and medium-sized commodity house and 23 million sq. m are for other commodity house. The plannings for such key regions, as Jinwan Square, West Railway Station Area, Jimen Jintai, Tianjin Kerry Center, Laochengxiang, Core Area of Nanjing Lu, Core Area of Jingjin Highway and Jinzhonghe Dajie, are clearly shown at the Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Key Regions.

Projects in planning

Jinwan Square

Jinwan Square is situated in the core part of Tianjin downtown area. It is located to the south side of Tianjin East Railway Station and has a planned usable area of about 11. ha. and a total construction area of about 730 000 sq.m. It is also an important part of the Financial Town.

Jinmen Jinta

It is situated on the south bank of Haihe River, Heping District. Consisting of two parts, namely Jinmen Hotel and Jinmen Apartment, it has a planned land area of 3.1 ha. The Riverside Park, Urban Gate and Apartment Tower have formed a prosperous living, commerce and amusement environment and make the area the symbol of Tianjin’s future.


Situated in Nankai District, Laochengxiang is the cradle of Tianjin and the commercial center since Tianjin opens to the outside. With Drum Tower and Shizi Commercial Street at the core, it has a total land area of about 1.5 sq. km. It is a high-grade modern urban center with Tianjin’s local traditional features.

West Railway Station Area

Situated in Tianjin’s northwest part, Tianjin West Railway Station Area is Tianjin’ portal for foreign communication, Tianjin sub-center and the comprehensive traffic hinge. With a total land area of 10 sq. km, it will be built into a comprehensive urban center.

Jinzhonghe Dajie

Situated in the east part of Hebei District, Jinzhonghe Dajie is the main entrance of the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway and has a total planned area of 145 ha. It is the joint of Beijing-Tianjin urban belt and the portal for Northeast Tianjin. Through the integration of spatial resources, it will become a regional growth pole for such comprehensive functions as commerce, office, entertainment and habitation.

120 000 persons visit the exhibition in a month

“There are group bookings nearly every day and individual visitors come to the hall are uncountable,” said a worker of the Planning Exhibition Hall. Since the official opening on January 23, the Hall has evoked the common concerns from all walks of life and the citizens.

Many visitors also came back to make revisit as they didn’t think one visit is enough to thorough understand the planning. Some visitors also left words on the Message Book: “Tianjin Planning Exhibition is really shocking and Tianjin’s change is encouraging. I hope such exhbition can be held for a long period of time to let our offspring learn Tianjin’s development process.”; “This exhibition is worth visiting to both Tianjin people and visitors from other places. It’s conductive to have an all-round understanding of Tianjin’s history, status quo and future.” “The exhibition is really successful. It makes Tianjin people to love Tianjin much more and construct Tianjin with firmer belief and greater enthusiasm.”

Binhai New Area will be more livable

Situated in Tianjin’s east coastal belt and the core position of the Bohai Rim economic circle, Tianjin Binhai New Area embraces Tanggu District, Hangu District, Dagang District and such functional areas as Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic Development Area, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Zone, Sino-Singapore Eco-city and part area of Dongli District and Jinan District. It has a planned land area of 2270 sq. km, a coast line of 153 km and a permanent population of 1.72 million.

Binhai New Area made a strategic study on the spatial development of Binhai New Area in 2008. Based on the status quo of Binhai New Area, the existing functional areas are integrated, forming a “one core three towns” urban network. The one core refers to the core area of Binhai New Area. Three Towns refer to the High-Tech Town in the west part, the Livable Tourist Town in the north and the Petrochemical Town in the south. The core area will be developed into an internationalized portal hub, modern service center and advanced manufacturing center. The High-Tech Town in the west part will be developed into the R&D and manufacturing center for astronautic and aeronautic technologies, the R&D and commercialization center of high-tech. The Livable Tourist Town in the north will be developed into an international ecological demonstrative town, a state-level base of oceanic industries, demonstrative area of recycling economy and a base for leisure and tourism. The Petrochemical Town in the south will be developed into a world-class heavy industry base, an important part of the international shipping center in north China and an ecological and livable area.

Key regions will be more prosperous

The plannings for such key regions and key projects, as Jinwan Square, West Railway Station Area, Jimen Jintai, Tianjin Kerry Center, Laochengxiang, Core Area of Nanjing Lu, Core Area of Jingjin Highway and Jinzhonghe Dajie, are clearly shown at the Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Key Regions.

According to Liu Jun, president of Tianjing Institute of Architecture Design, the implementation of the planning and design schemes for these regions and projects will further better urban landscape and display a beautiful, grand and pleasant urban image.

Put people first in house planning

The Housing Planning Exhibition Zone has mainly showcased the plannings for Tianjin’s house construction and public service facilities. The housing construction planning has made a comprehensive planning and deployment for various newly-built houses of Tianjin in 5 years going forward, including social security and commodity house. The implementation of the planning will further adjust Tianjin’s house supply structure, push forward the construction of house support system, give prominence to the comprehensive service function and meet the demand of the people in production and daily life.

Why Tianjin’s urban planning exhibition is inspiring and so impressive? Advanced exhibition facilities, novel exhibition means and imaginative creation may be the reasons. According to relevant principal of the Planning Exhibition Hall, the valid exhibition area of the exhibition hall is about 10 000 sq. m. There are totally 16 exhibition zones. The 1st storey has the History Exhibition Zone, Overall Planning Exhibition Zone, Traffic Planning Exhibition Zone, Exhibition Zone of the Model for the Planning of Downtown Area; The 2nd storey has the Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Binhai New Area, Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Haihe, Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Famous Town, Exhibition Zone for Tourism Planning; the 3rd storey has Public Facilities Exhibition Zone, Ecological City Exhibition Zone, Environmental Rectification Exhibition Zone, Exhibition Zone for the Planning of Key Regions and Public Interaction and Participation Zone.


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