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“Night of Tianjin” Event held in Beijing
enorth.com.cn   2009-03-25 14:03


(Enorth.com.cn)In the evening of yesterday, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing celebrated the “Night of Tianjin” Event of China Development Summit Forum 2009 jointly held by the Development Research Center of the State Council and Tianjin People’s Government, to display the vital force and energy of this charming city of Tianjin to distinguished guests home and abroad.

Mr. Huang Xingguo, Tianjin mayor, gave his speech titled by “The Opportunity and Challenge of Tianjin Binhai New Area in the Context of Global Financial Crisis”, and typically introduced the socioeconomic development of Tianjin and the opening up & development of Binhai New Area.

Mr. Zhang Yutai , director of the State Council Development Research Center, and other distinguished guests attended this event, and watched the publicity film of “Charming City of Tianjin”, full of interest.

Before this event, Mr. Huang met Mr. Stephen Green, chairman of HSBC Holdings, and more than 20 other famous entrepreneurs home and abroad, who were welcomed and expected to pay continuous attentions on Tianjin development, and realize cooperative win-win in further level and broader field.

Mr. Huang spoke that Tianjin is a famous city proud of its history and culture, and it played an important role in Chinese recent history, involving many significant incidents; Tianjin is also an important industrial and commercial city in China, which has created more than 100 firsts in Chinese recent history; it is an important transportation hub, with improved sea/air/land transportation system in modern integrity, located in the vast hinterland of 12 provinces and municipalities, acting as the eastern starting point nearest to the Eurasian Transcontinental Railway, connecting the south and north, the west and east, the home and abroad.

Mr. Huang said, in 2006, the Chinese Government made an important decision to incorporate Tianjin Binhai New Area in the heart of Bohai Rim into the state overall strategic layout, and determined this area of 2,270km2 to be the national comprehensive supporting reform test area. The Binhai New Area becomes the third pole of Chinese economic development, after Shenzhen Special Economic Region and Shanghai Pudong New Area. The development of opening up of Binhai New Area, as national strategic priority, arouses great attentions from home and abroad, and now enters in a new stage of overall development and construction, with improving comprehensive service function, increasing advantageous industrial scale, enhancing original innovation capacity, growing comprehensive supporting reform, strengthening foreign cooperation and exchange, and increasing eco-environmental quality.

Mr. Huang said, Tianjin is a city with highly foreign-oriented economy, and the Binhai New Area on the frontline of China opening up to outside is heavily impacted by global financial crisis inevitably. Facing such harsh conditions and difficulties, the most important for us to do is build up confidence. The Central Government proposes a “package” plan in response to the crisis, reinforcing our confidence in overcoming such difficulties. Tianjin is committed to improving investment environment, introducing capital projects from home and abroad, strengthening physical economy, using good projects and big projects to transform development mode, optimizing economic structure, enhancing industrial level, and enlarging economic volume; it has implemented the constructions of 560 major projects, which not only support current economic growth, but also reinforces development potential. This is the biggest feature of Tianjin facing financial crisis.

Mr. Huang said, the opposite to crisis is opportunity, and it is time to seed in difficult time. As long as we have confidence, strengthen cooperation, and go ahead hand in hand, the economic condition will recover in the end. Now, over 11 million Tianjin citizens are pursuing a better life with fortitude and determination.

On this event, Tianjin artists performed fork music, songs & dances and acrobatics, enchanting guests with traditional cultures. The wonderful plays won waves of applauses one after another.

Leaders of Tianjin government attended this event, such as Mr. Xiao Huaiyuan, Mr. Yang Dongliang, Mr. Cui Jindu, Mr. Gou Lijun, Mr. Ren Xuefeng, and Mr. Li Quanshan, etc.

Also present were domestic and international guests, including: Liu Shijin, Jin Renqing, HouYunchun, Lu Zhongyuan and Lu Baifu, deputy directors of State Council Development Research Center, Yao Sheng, deputy director of Budget Engineering Committee of NPC, Zheng Xinli, deputy director of Central Policy Research Office, Chen Wenhui, assistant to chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Liu Shaoyong, general manager of China Eastern Airlines, Zhu Yunlai, president of China International Capital Corporation Limited, Gao Xiqing, general manager of China Investment Co., Ltd., Zhu Min, deputy director of the Bank of China, Guo Tao, secretary of the Party group of China State Construction Engineering Corporation; principals of more than 40 international famous enterprises, such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Dupont, and Ericsson; scholars from internationally renowned educational institutions and research institutes, such as Yale University, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, National University of Singapore, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“Night of Tianjin” is an important event in China Development Summit Forum 2009 which has been successfully held for consecutive 10 years, and gained extensive influence home and abroad.


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