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Tianjin confirms plans for 77 key projects this year with a total investment of 771.4 billion yuan
enorth.com.cn   2009-04-01 10:07


(Enorth.com.cn)Reporters learned from the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Reform and Development that the “Suggestions on the 2009 Construction Plans for Key Projects of Tianjin Municipality” proposed by the Commission and the Tianjin Construction Administration Commission have been approved by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government. The Suggestions outline preliminary plans for 77 key Tianjin construction projects for 2009 with a total investment of 771.4 billion yuan, of which, 160.3 billion yuan will be allocated this year. The projects are made up of 32 industrial projects, 11 energy and transportation projects, 21 infrastructure and environmental protection projects, 5 agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and small town development projects, 5 social undertaking projects and 3 business, trade and tourism projects.

According to the commission, Tianjin’s overall planning principles for key construction projects in 2009 are to implement the Central Government’s policy measures to boost domestic demand and increase investment; to increase investment in areas centering on the development of competitive industries, infrastructure construction in the Tianjin Binhai New Area and the establishment of an integrated network of transportation in Tianjin as well as independent innovation, recycling industries, building the Socialist New Countryside and developing social undertakings; and to prioritize major large-scale projects with advanced technology standards and excellent investment benefits that will bring development to upstream and downstream sectors. Investments will be focused in five areas. The first involves continuing to expand investments in leading industries such as the petrochemical and metallurgical industries, manufacture industries including aviation and aerospace, shipbuilding and high-tech industries including new energy, to speed up the pace of independent innovation and structural adjustment, and to develop high-level modern manufacturing industries and research and development bases. The second area is continuing to speed up the development of an integrated transportation network of sea ports, airports, expressways, and railways, to increase investment in energy and urban infrastructure construction, and to enhance the supporting capacity and service function of Tianjin.

The third involves speeding up the development of agriculture, forestry and irrigation and the construction of exemplary small town construction, to increase investment in rural infrastructure and social undertakings, and to promote the construction of a Socialist New Countryside. The fourth centers around making great efforts to increase investments in social undertakings and to build an ecological and environmentally-friendly society, and to strengthen the city’s ability to maintain sustainable development. The fifth involves taking effective measures to increase investments in business and trade, modern logistics and service industries as well as leisure tourism, to speed up the development of modern service industries, and to upgrade the city’s role of providing integrated regional services. Among the 77 projects, 50 are ongoing projects with renewed investments and 27 are new projects.

Forty seven projects out of the 80 key industrial projects, 40 key service projects, three groups of the 385 projects to be carried out by each district and county, as well as 20 key transport projects have been listed as Tianjin Municipality’s major construction projects for the year of 2009. The list includes projects such as the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)’s offshore oil exploitation and complementary project. The construction scale and main construction content of this project involve the exploration and development of oil fields in Bohai Bay, the establishment of 13 new offshore drilling platforms, and the laying of 600-kilometers of subsea oil transmission pipeline and complementary facilities, with a two-year construction period from 2008 to 2010. The project for manufacturing, research and development of automobile and component production equipment in the China Automotive Manufacturing Equipment Technology Center covers an area of 85,800 square meters, and mainly involves products such as molding, a welding assembly line, a final assembly line, a spray painting line, an electronic system and automotive electronics, with a construction period from 2008 to 2010. According to the goal of this project, the production base of automobile equipment is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2009. With regards to the Subway Line 3 project, its main track will be 29.7 kilometers in length, and have a total of 23 stations: 18 stations will be underground stations, four will be elevated stations, and one will be at ground level. There is a parking lot at Xiaodian Station and a metro car depot at Huayuan Station. This project’s construction period is from 2007 to 2011. According to the goal for this project, by the end of 2009, besides the construction of the northern elevated rail section, the Xiaodian Station and the parking lot at Xiaodian Station, the construction of space enclosing structures for underground stations and southern section of elevated rail should be completely finished. The construction of the main portion of the project should also be completed, the length of tunnels dug by shield machines should be 23 kilometers long, and the main portions of 17 stations should be completed.

To ensure smooth progress for the construction of these major projects, relevant municipal departments put forward the following measures: Each relevant department and the construction enterprise concerning these key projects should make more efforts in project organization and coordination to actually focus manpower, materials and funds on these projects so as to prioritize meeting the construction needs. Departments such as Tianjin Municipal Commission of Development and Reform as well as urban construction, land, environmental protection, finance and banking authorities will further improve services to provide convenience for the projects in aspects such as project examination and approval, financing, land expropriation as well as organization of the construction to ensure the smooth implementation of these major projects.

All the general departments and the departments in charge of the projects must strengthen supervision and examination of construction of the key projects, and make timely coordination to help resolve problems. All the complementary and management departments, such as water supply and draining, power and gas supply, road, communications, traffic management, public order, fire control and landscaping, as well as the relevant functional departments in each district and county, must further strengthen efficiency and actively provide services to create a sound external environment for construction of the key projects. Construction units of the key projects must thoroughly strengthen management on the projects, and establish a responsibility system through each link, including surveying and design of the projects, arranging public bidding, construction management and usage of funds, and practical implementation of the system. The progress of construction for key projects must be arranged based on reasonable work schedule. The projects scheduled to be completed and put into operation within the year must be completed on time, and completion of inspection and preparations for production must be carried out in advance, so as to ensure the projects enter operation as early as possible to produce results. All possible means must also be made to speed up construction of other projects to support the entire city’s investment growth.


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