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Four features with 16th Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk
enorth.com.cn   2009-04-16 16:39


(Enorth.com.cn)The 16th Tianjin Trade Fair & Investment Talk, to be inaugurated on April 18, will be a place for exchanges of commodities, logistics, capital and information. It will serve as a window to exhibit the image of the city, a platform to promote cooperation and exchanges, and an engine to expand domestic demand and keep economic growth. It will make new breakthroughs in terms of internationalization, scales, levels, actual effects and overall standards. The fair will largely show the following four features:

First, the fair will be recognized across the world for its influences. The fair will attract large numbers of enterprises funded by businesses from foreign countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and overseas Chinese. Ministries and commissions under the central government, large enterprises financed by the central authorities, various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will avail themselves to the gathering of plentiful companies at the fair to hold seminars and project promotion and brand exhibition activities, to show their environments, introduce projects and seek cooperation. Chinese and foreign investors will take advantage of the fair to look for new business opportunities, make acquaintance with new partners, negotiate for new projects, and explore new markets for win-win development. For instance, the Ministry of Commerce will for the first time make use of the fair to hold seminars and matchmaking meetings on the topic of Taiwan-funded enterprises selling products on the Chinese mainland. China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO) will take part in the fair as a sponsor for the first time. The Bohai Rim Real Estate Chamber of Commerce will for the first time organize real estate developers from 37 cities to promote projects at the fair. It will invite presidents of famous domestic real estate enterprises, such as Vantone, COFCO, Vanke, Datong and Sunshine, and famous economists to attend the China Tourism and Amusement Real Estate Investment Annual Meeting. Investment and financing institutions from the United States, including Jones Lang LaSalle, Daoan, Tano, Rexall and Black Stone, will show up at the fair. World top 500 enterprises, such as Chia Tai Group,Siemens, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, will also send delegates to inspect Tianjin or attend the fair.

Second, the fair will exert greater roles as a platform stimulating economic development in the region. The fair will give high priority to promoting the Binhai New Area, fully popularizing results of the three-layer joint action and coordinated development in the city, and absorbing more Chinese and foreign funds, projects and talents to settle in Tianjin. The fair will promote nearly 1,000 meticulously selected investment projects that meet the industrial features of Binhai New Area, downtown area, and agriculture-based area and counties in Tianjin. The Bohai rim area and other provinces and cities will also introduce 3,500 cooperation projects, and widely invite businesses via the fair platform. For instance, Shandong Province will put forward 140 key projects for cooperation with external partners. It hopes to connect with pillar industries and emerging industries in the Binhai New Area. Qinghai Province will elbow out eight varieties, totaling 60 key projects, for cooperation. Guangxi will bring about 300 cooperation projects, including provincial level key projects and all sorts of other projects in 12 cities in the region. The fair has become an important platform to promote exchanges and cooperation in the Bohai rim area and even the country. It will contribute to stimulating regional economic development and realizing cooperation for mutual wins.

Third, internal trade and foreign trade will show greater joint effects. The fair will firmly grasp the state policy of expanding domestic demands, take the initiative to integrate resources, fully demonstrate the advantages and resources of the domestic trade market and foreign trade market, and set up a platform for cooperation and interactions of domestic and foreign trade enterprises. It will seek the proper point to contribute to expanding domestic demands and stabilizing exports. It will actively explore the market to stimulate consumption. It will seek joint efforts of domestic market and foreign trade to promote consumption. With all these efforts from all parties concerned, the fair will play a greater role and achieve greater effects to direct consumption and activate the market. The fair will put up a commodity retail hall at the sport exhibition center. The international exhibition center will plot out special quarters to exhibit imported goods and goods produced by businesses from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao for sales on the Chinese mainland. It will also arrange a quarter to display goods made by exporters shifted to domestic sales. Products from 19 countries and 1,000-odd varieties of name brand products and new products from 200 famous enterprises will show up at the fair. The international automobile park exhibition center in the Tianjin Airport Industrial Zone will show commercial and family vehicles of about 80 domestic and international famous brands and 200-odd new types in a nearly 10,000 square meters exhibition quarter. The Bohai Rim Building Materials Center will prepare a 15,000 square meter hall to exhibit elaborate porcelains, bath utilities, cupboards and furniture, promote modern residential cultures, and dedicate abundant and diversified homemade and foreign commodities to Chinese and international customers and local residents.

Fourth, the fair will play a bigger role to stimulate domestic demand and expand consumption. The city will make an innovation to integrate activities inside halls with those outside, a shining point for the fair. It will spur on a gala with the fair. According to the overall arrangement for joint actions, the fair will focus on the theme of “focusing on the fair and turning it into a gala of business and travels”. It will organize and map out 30 activities with definite subjects. It will diversify forms to expand consumption and integrate business, travel and cultural activities. Since April 10, the city’s catering, retail, tourism and culture sectors will make full use of the opportunity of large numbers of Chinese and foreign customers gathering in Tianjin to focus on services of eating, lodging, traffic, tourism, purchase and entertainment. They will launch rich and colorful sales promotion, exhibition and service activities to fully present the folk-custom culture and economic features of the city. The activities will reach the climax when the fair opens. They will last to the “May Day” holidays. The city will exert utmost efforts to pool customers, businesses and wealth, and cultivate the fair into the biggest commercial and trade gathering in the Bohai rim area and even North China. It will attract people from the city and neighboring areas, and enable Chinese and foreign customers attending the fair to truly feel the vigor and vitality of Tianjin.


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