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Quizzes 英语小测验
Finance / New Businesses 金融 / 创业
从下面选项中选择正确答案;单击“核对答案”按钮,核对你的答案. Your score: 0/6 Your score: 1/6 Your score: 2/6 Your score: 3/6 Your score: 4/6 Your score: 5/6 Your score: 6/6
1 : An entrepreneur is person who __________.
invents a new product.
is employed by a large organization.
starts their own successful business.
is unemployed.
A famous British entrepreneur (Sir Richard Branson)
2 : What term is used to describe a new company?
Canary Wharf in London
3 : Government schemes, private investors, investment firms and banks provide __________ to new businesses.
pocket money
Pocket money
4 : What document outlines a company's strategy, structure, objectives, funding, operational activities, sales forecasts and market-fit?
Mission statement
Annual report
Business plan
Manager’s dossier
A notebook and pen
5 : Not all companies have employees. Some people choose to be self-employed and they work for themselves. These people are called __________.
sole traders
self sellers
solo sellers
lone traders
The sole of a shoe
6 : It is often said that the success of a company is largely dependent on USP. What does the acronym USP stand for?
Unusually Small Profit
Using Successful People
Unique Selling Point
Unusual Sales Promotions
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