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Quizzes 英语小测验
Finance / Debt 金融 / 债务
从下面选项中选择正确答案;单击“核对答案”按钮,核对你的答案. Your score: 0/6 Your score: 1/6 Your score: 2/6 Your score: 3/6 Your score: 4/6 Your score: 5/6 Your score: 6/6
1 : If you are declared bankrupt, __________.
you have no money at all.
you have lots of money.
you have too much money.
you own a bank.
Credit cards that have been cut up with scissors
2 : Some banks offer you __________ facility with your bank account. This is a type of short-term loan.
an online banking
a debit card
an overdraft
a savings
A debit card logo
3 : When you are ________, you owe a lot of money.
in credit
in debt
4 : Credit card companies will usually ________ on any purchases and withdrawals made with your card.
charge you double
give you a commission
charge you interest
charge you nothing
Credit card company logos
5 : When you __________ a loan, you agree to borrow an amount of money and pay it back with added interest.
take out
take in
give out
give into
A cash machine
6 : It is important not to miss any __________ as it could affect your ability to borrow money in the future.
meetings with your bank manager
opportunities to borrow more money
Someone holding lots of credit cards
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