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Ask About Britain 英国问答
中、英文化差别在哪些方面呢? 生活方式有什么不同呢? 要想了解英国社会的更多方方面面, 请留目英国问答。
Naming 起名

A mother and baby
How did your parents choose your name?

 I have been curious about how Englishmen choose their name. Could you please tell me some points of that? Thank you very much!
Haoran, Inner Mongolia

Tiger, Apple, Peach, Lily, would you pick these names for your children?

Our names stick with us for the rest of our lives, and often we have no control over them, because the decision in made without our knowledge by our parents.

So what can influence people when it comes to naming a baby?

Helen and Li investigate by asking the public.

Listen to the programme and see if you can answer the questions in the quiz below.

Good luck.

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