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Real English 地道英语
To Go The Whole Hog 全力以赴
A group of pigs
A hog is another word for a male pig
Jo: I'm Jo, this is BBC Learning English and you're listening to Authentic Real English. With me today is Helen.

Helen: Hi Jo. 地道英语中介绍的一些英语表达, 你可能在英语课堂上学不到,但是它们在生活中却会经常出现。那今天的新表达是什么呢 Jo?

Jo: Well today we're going to look at the expression 'to go the whole W.H.O.L.E. hog H.O.G.' A hog is another word for a male pig.

Helen: A hog 的意思是一头雄猪,这个表达 to go the whole hog 到底是什么意思呢? 我有点儿迷惑, Jo?

Jo: Well if you 'go the whole hog' it means you do something completely or thoroughly.

Helen: 你的意思是说这个表达的真实含义是完全投入的做某件事,全力以赴。那能举个例子吗, Jo?

Jo: So for example, I might be in a restaurant and I might have eaten a starter and a main course.

Helen: 你是说在餐馆里你吃完了头盘还有正餐。

Jo: And I might be thinking about having a dessert. Well I've already eaten a lot so I might as well 'go the whole hog' and have three courses – just to have a complete meal.

Helen: 虽然你可能已经差不多吃饱了,但是你觉得既然都来了,还不如吃得彻底,把甜点也算上。这种情况下你就可以说 going the whole hog. 这个表达的意思也就是既然已经开头了,那还不如就执行到底。

Jo: Let's listen to some more examples.


A: So what are you doing for your birthday?

B: Well I was going to have a meal with some friends but there were so many I wanted to invite, I thought I'd just go the whole hog and have a big party at my house!

A: Wow you've bought a lot of things there?

B: Well I bought some shoes and a dress so I thought I might as well go the whole hog and get a new coat as well!

Jo: That's about all we have time for on BBC Learning English today. Shall we go for a coffee Helen?

Helen: I'm quite hungry actually Jo. Shall we just go the whole hog and go for lunch?

Jo: Oh go on then. Don't forget you can learn more Authentic Real English words and expressions by logging on to our website www.bbcchina.com.cn – see you soon.

Helen: 再见!

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