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Q&A of the Week 你问我答
Choose / Select 英语里关于‘选’的单词

"My question is how to distinguish two words, between 'choose' and 'select'?" - Willa Ke, Shanghai

Listen to this programme first and then read the information below. 请先听节目然后再阅读以下内容。

The words 'choose' and 'select' are both very common verbs with nearly the same meaning.

However, 'select' has a slightly narrower meaning and is used less frequently than 'choose'.

Both words can mean to pick one thing or person from a group. For example:

She chose a nice red apple.
She selected a nice red apple.

I was selected to represent my school at table tennis.
I was chosen to represent my school at table tennis.

However, when we discuss choosing to do or be something, we don't use 'select'. For example:

When I was 19, I chose to become a teacher.
It was such a sunny day I chose to go the long way home.

Someone making a chess move
He is selecting (or choosing) a piece and choosing where to move
There are also one or two subtle differences in meaning between the words... but you'll have to listen to the programme to find out more about that!

You will also hear William and Li discuss just why there are so many synonyms in English.

If you have a question, email it to questions.chinaelt@bbc.co.uk.

Glossary 词汇

narrower meaning 意思更为狭窄

represent 代表

subtle 微妙的

synonyms 同义词


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