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Quizzes 英语小测验
Entertainment / Comedy 娱乐/ 喜剧
从下面选项中选择正确答案;单击“核对答案”按钮,核对你的答案. Your score: 0/6 Your score: 1/6 Your score: 2/6 Your score: 3/6 Your score: 4/6 Your score: 5/6 Your score: 6/6
1 : Someone who performs a comedy act on their own is known as a __________ comedian.
Lee Evans: a famous British comedian
2 : What genre of comedy describes an act where people might trip up on banana skins, fall over and behave in silly way?
A banana skin
3 : When someone lets out a quiet little laugh it could also be called ________.
a roar
a burp
a hiccup
a chuckle
A man laughing
4 : Patient: "Doctor, doctor, I’ve only got 59 seconds to live!" Doctor: "Please wait a minute and I’ll be right with you." The doctor’s line in this joke is known as the __________.
bottom line
funny line
witty line
A doctor examining a patient
5 : You never laugh at jokes and you are always serious. You have __________.
a wicked sense of humour
no sense of humour
humoured someone
a disease
A woman with a serious expression on her face
6 : If you are always telling jokes and making other people laugh, your friends might call you __________.
a joker
a joke
a jockey
a fool
A court jester
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