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Real English 地道英语
Whirlwind Romance 闪电式恋爱
A newly married couple
Did this couple have a whirlwind romance?
Jo: I'm Jo and this is Real English from BBC Learning English.

Lily: Hello I'm Lily. 在两分钟的《地道英语》节目当中,我们会带领大家一起来学习一些当代英式英语中新出现的流行词语。

Jo: Today Lily, we're talking about romance and the expression whirlwind romance. Whirlwind W.H.I.R.L.W.I.N.D. and romance R.O.M.A.N.C.E. Whirlwind romance.

Lily: Whirlwind romance 会是什么意思呢?哎, Jo, whirlwind 不是旋风的意思吗?

Jo: That's right Lily. A whirlwind is a strong swirling wind that is very quick and often unexpected; so a whirlwind romance is a romance that happens very quickly and quite unexpectedly.

Lily: 这么说, a whirlwind romance 就是那种突然,快速的恋爱,换句话说,就是闪电式的罗曼提克。

Jo: So you get some couples who meet and perhaps within a few months they get married; that would be a whirlwind romance.

Lily: 如果一对夫妇在认识不多久就结婚了,那么你就可以使用这个短语 a whirlwind romance 闪电式结婚。

Jo: Let's listen to another example.


A: Is Claire still going out with Peter?

B: Oh no, they split up about a month ago. They were together about two months, were madly in love, and then it all went wrong.

A: Oh, a bit of a whirlwind romance then eh?

Lily: Have you ever had a whirlwind romance Jo?

Jo: I'm afraid to say I haven't. Sounds quite exciting though! Have you?

Lily: Well, sort of. But it ended in disaster.

Jo: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, this programme has been a bit of a whirlwind programme hasn't it Lily?

Lily: It certainly has. 不过,这正是两分种地道英语的特点嘛!快速,高效。欢迎大家登陆 www.bbcchina.com.cn 学习更多的地道英语。

Jo: And just to recap – today's expression was whirlwind romance.

Lily: 闪电式恋爱或闪电式结婚。感谢大家收听BBC 英语教学节目。

Jo: Bye.

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