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Stephen King 史蒂芬•金

Stephen King
Many of Stephen King's novels have been made into films

Programme Introduction 节目简介

Stephen King is a writer best known for his horror and fantasy novels. He has written over 50 best-selling horror novels, such as 'Carrie', 'The Shining' and 'Dreamcatcher'. Andrea Rose and Jean Dong find out more about his life and how he views himself and his writing.

史蒂芬•金以他的恐怖和幻想小说倍受读者们的青睐,他写的50多部小说都曾经一度被评为最畅销小说,其中《凯丽》,《闪灵》,《劫梦惊魂》等等都是他的著名作品。我们跟随 Andrea Rose 和 Jean Dong 一起走进这位著名小说家的生活。

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