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Real English 地道英语
Cuppa 一杯茶
A baby dog in a teacup
Who doesn't love a cuppa?
Diarmuid: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Authentic Real English from the BBC.

Feifei: 大家好,我是冯菲菲。在地道英语里你会学到英国人日常生活中常用到,而且通常在字典和课本里找不到的单词和短语。

Diarmuid: And I’m Diarmuid. Now I’ve got a question for you Feifei. What is the UK’s favourite drink?

Feifei: Hmm, let me think. Is it beer?

Diarmuid: That’s a good guess, but it’s not correct. In fact, the most popular drink in the UK is the great British cup of tea.

Feifei: Tea 茶。We love tea in China too.

Diarmuid: Well, here in the UK we sometimes call a cup of tea, a cuppa.

Feifei: A cuppa?

Diarmuid: Yes, a cuppa. C.U.P.P.A. Cuppa.

Feifei: Cuppa 这个词的意思就是一杯茶。

Diarmuid: That’s correct. A cuppa is simply a shortened form of the phrase cup of tea.

Feifei: Cup of tea. Cuppa tea. Cuppa.


A: I’m so thirsty.

B: Me too. I really want a cuppa.

A: Fancy a cuppa? I’m just putting the kettle on.

B: Yes, please. Can I have milk and one sugar in mine?

Feifei: All this talk of cups of tea is making me thirsty.

Diarmuid: Me too. Shall we go for a cuppa after this?

Feifei: What a good idea. But before we go, answer me this: are there any other words we can use to talk about tea?

Diarmuid: Well, some people might use the word brew to talk about tea.

Feifei: Brew 沏茶,泡茶。I see why they use that word, because when we make tea we brew it in a pot or a cup.

Diarmuid: That’s absolutely right. Now what about that cuppa then?

Feifei: Mmm, let’s go. 欢迎登陆我们每天更新的网站学习更多的地道英语。

Diarmuid: www.bbcchina.com.cn. Bye for now.

Feifei: See you later.

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