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Q&A of the Week 你问我答
Quote and Offer 报价和开价

Could you please let me know the difference between offer and quote? - Peter, Beijing

Listen to this programme first and then read the information below. 请先听节目然后再阅读以下内容。

This week our question comes from Peter in Beijing. He wants to know the difference between the words quote and offer.


Example: Can you give me a quote?

When you give someone a quote it is the price you would charge to do a piece of work.

You might hear someone say:

• write you a quote
• put together a quote
• give you a quote


Example: Let me make you an offer.

When you make someone an offer it is the price that you would like to pay for something.

You might hear someone say:

• make an offer
• make me an offer
• let me make you an offer

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Glossary 词汇

Quote 报价
Offer 开价
Price 价钱
Charge 收费
Pay 付费


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