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Binhai New Area becomes the first choice of graduates: “Big Rocket” debuts at job fair
enorth.com.cn   2009-05-11 10:05


Yesterday morning, the “Binhai New Area Job Fair for Graduates 2009”, which was co-sponsored by Binhai New Area, the Municipal Education Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, was held at the Binhai International Conference Center. Over 800 enterprises and institutes including Airbus Tianjin Branch, Tianjin Long March Rocket Manufacturing Co. Ltd., China National Offshore Oil Corp, China Railway 18th Bureau and MCC Tiangong Construction offered job opportunities.

It is believed that over 8000 job opportunities were offered at the job fair, involving many areas such as engineering technology, machinery manufacturing, electronic communications, operation and management, foreign trade and modern logistics, attracting over 20,000 new graduates to seek jobs.



Binhai New Area becomes the first choice of graduates: “Big Rocket” debuts at job fair


“Big Rocket” debuts at the job fair

Most striking are two large air and space projects in the Binhai New Area. The booths of Airbus and “Big Rocket” are located exactly opposite one another, which naturally attracted many graduates.

Zhang Beijun, the principal in charge of recruitment at Tianjin Long March Rocket Manufacturing Co. Ltd. said “We have received nearly 1000 resumes over the course of the morning, about 50 of which are from qualified applicants.”

It is the first time that “Big Rocket” has offered job opportunities to new graduates at the job fair. It is believed that “Big Rocket” offered 133 job opportunities on this occasion, most of which involving machinery manufacturing and engineering technical posts. The minimum educational background is a B.A. degree. Candidates for some high-end posts are required to have an M.A. or PhD qualification.

Talented workers are engines for an enterprise. This job fair not only offers an employment platform to graduates, but also plays a very important role in propelling the future development of the rocket project. According to Zhang Beijun, the “Big Rocket” project will next directly contact local universities, for the specific purpose of recruiting people talented in the air and space fields.

The attraction of the “Big Airplane” project was no less than that of the “Big Rocket”; the reporter also saw a great many job seekers at the Airbus booth. Most people who handed in their resumes are new graduates from universities focusing on aeronautics and astronautics. Liu Hao, a new graduate from Tianjin Civil Aviation University, told the reporter that the Tianjin Assembly Line of Airbus was a big project in Binhai New Area and he chose to specialize in airplane repair at the Civil Aviation University because he learnt at that time that Airbus would operate in Tianjin, which was a very important decision for his future development.

Tianjin ERWEI Maritime enterprise offers a monthly salary of 35,000 yuan

It would be true to say that employment at Tianjin ERWEI Maritime Enterprise Management Co. Ltd. is extremely attractive. The conditions, such as no gender restriction, good command of English, good height and vision, are basic requirements for many employers, however, this maritime enterprise offers a monthly pay of RMB6000-35000.

According to Li Zehui, who is in charge of recruitment for the company, they are recruiting mostly oil tanker stewards. As most destinations are European and American countries and all the clients are rich or distinguished, candidates are required to have good command of English. “A monthly pay of RMB6000 is only for cleaners; monthly pay for waiters is appropriately USD950, which is an average salary abroad, though it seems quite high in China”.

According to Li Zehui, they always describe the job requirements to every job seeker who delivers his/her resumes: each trip takes approximately 6 to 8 months. Stewards may take leave about half a year before the next trip begins. It is acknowledged that many job seekers hang back when hearing this requirement. Li Zehui said: “Tianjin people are comparatively reluctant to leave their home and unwilling to temper themselves.” He received only about one hundred resumes for reasons such as working conditions, though the pay is very high.

Binhai New Area becomes the first choice of graduates

“Tianjin Binbai New Area Job Information Website for Graduates” opened yesterday. The website will establish a communication platform between graduates and enterprises and institutes located in the Binhai New Area to facilitate the job seeking of graduates and recruitment of enterprises. It is acknowledged that, with its rapid economic and social development, Binhai New Area has become the first choice of local graduates.

A principal involved in the management committee of the Binhai New Area told the reporter that in 2009, there will be 468 key projects with investment of over RMB 50 million in Binhai New Area, and it is estimated that there will be over 100,000 additional jobs as a result. Furthermore, Binhai New Area is also propelling the connection between policies on employment of graduates and their implementation, and closely combines the job demand of graduates with the talent requirements of enterprises. It has set up a good interactive structure to advance the development of enterprises and employment of graduates by establishing a training base for young people and urgently required talents, which offers skills training amongst other things.


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