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13.Tianjin dedicates to building the car manufacturing base of national level
enorth.com.cn   2009-08-14 17:50


Being the birthplace of China modern industry,Tianjin is dedicated to establish a complete systemfor car manufacturing, developing and sales.The car production capability in Tianjin will havereached 1.5 million by 2010, and Tianjin will be akey base for car manufacturing in China.

Tianjin is one of the key bases in China’s carindustry. Since the mid 1980s, the car industryin Tianjin had already imported advancedmanufacturing technologies from abroad. Therelease of first Xiali in 1986 turned a new pagein the car manufacturing history in China,which is an independent brand for Tianjin.

Tianjin persists in the principle of independentdevelopment in the open competition environment.Xiali had experienced 5 major upgrading,and hundreds of improvements. It has 3generations products, which are all developedwith their own independent intellectual propertyrights. State Administration for Industry &Commerce entitled Xiali as the China FamousTrademark in January 1999.

As the major type of family car that is first putinto the domestic market, Xiali has produced1.5 million cars since its first release in 1980s.The ownership of Xiali automobiles available inthe society reached 1.2 million. As for the averageownership of private car, there is one Xialiin every 11 private cars in the market.

Attached to Tianjin Automotive Industrial(Group) Co., Ltd, Tianjin Xiali Automobile Co.Ltd set up the joint venture—Tianjin ToyotaMotor Co. Ltd in 2000. It is Toyata’s first carmanufacturingbase in China.

In line with the national strategic structural adjustment,Tianjin Automotive Industrial (Group)Co., Ltd and China First Automobile Worksrestructured Xiali with their joint efforts in June2006, and expanded the corporation betweenTianjin Automobile and Toyota.

Nowadays, Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltdhas built 3 factories in Tianjin, with productsranging from economical-type vehicles to upmiddleclass sedans. Particularly, the ToyotaCrown represents the world-advanced technology.It signifies that Tianjin has the abilityof producing automobiles with the advancedtechnology. It is a milestone for Tianjin as itsproduction capacity has developed from producingthe low-level products like mini vehicle,economical type, and middle class type to ahigher international level.

With the development of the automobile industry,the car parts industry has improved a lot.The enterprises like Denso, Tokai Rika, Aisin, FujitsuTen, Stanley, Yazaki, Hynix, and Peace-Lon,etc., have set up their local offices in Tianjin.

Besides, Tianjin has the advanced technologyin terms of developing the clean energypoweredvehicles, such as electric, hybridelectricvehicles and their spare parts. TianjinQingyuan Electric Vehicle Research Center, theonly research institute in China at the moment,is listed in “863 Program”. Their technology forXL electric vehicles has reached the advancedlevel in the world.

At present, Tianjin automobile is undertaking aseries of projects, such as Toyota RAV4 production,upgrading Xiali production, and truck productionin Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd..The production capacity for Tianjin automobileindustry will reach 1.5 million by 2010, rangingextensively from A-class to C-class vehicles.

The current project undertaken in Tianjin isbuilding two car-manufacturing bases, eachcovering 20 square kilometers in Xiqing Districtand the Tianjin Economic Development Area.This will promote the brand image of Toyota,Xiali, and Irizar. It will also form the four seriesof automobiles including limousine, economicaltype, passenger cars, and luxurious coach.Besides, 5 industrial chains will be developedcovering engine, chassis, electrical appliances,and the spare parts for general purpose. Tianjinwill be a major car manufacturing base in China.

At present, there are 195 automobile enterprisesin Tianjin, among which, 9 enterprisesare for vehicle production, 7 enterprises for carrefitting, and more than 170 car part factories.They can provide limousine, economical type,passenger cars, and luxurious coach rangingquite a few brands and designs with theproduction capacity of 700,000 vehicles and600,000 engines.


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