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Sparkling Points of Tianjin


Tianjin , a famous city of history and culture, is one of the four municipalities of China and the biggest coastal opening-up and port city in North China . Situated in the north-east of North China Plain, it occupies the lower reach of the Haihe River and is located at the center of the Bohai Bay, covering an area of 11,760 square kilometers and enjoying a coastline of 153.3 kilometers, from which it has derived the names of “ Lower Tip of Nine Rivers” and “Communications Center of Rivers and the Sea”. Six hundred years of history has nurtured a rich culture of the city and its special geographic situation has created a unique natural environment. The city is located east to the Bohai Sea and north to the Yanshan Mountain . The 72-kilometer Haihe River flows across the city like a jade belt. In the new century, Tianjin , blessed by its vantage spirit, is right on track to modernization.

Tianjin , a coastal city with open mind, an international metropolis with versatile elements, is opening a new page of its history and building a bright future.

100.Tianjin — Home of North China’s Quyi performances plays a positive role to inherit and develop the Quyi performances
99.Tianjin Yangliuqing Spring Festival Painting:a re-invigorated cultural heritage from agrarian society
98.Tianjin, a famous cultural city with a history of 600 years, attaches importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage
97.Little Station Military Training Park, which shows the evolution of modern militarytraining, has been basically completed
96.The Tianjin Natural History Museum has becomean important base to cultivate the awareness of environmental and ecological protection
95.To feel the enriched historical and cultural accumulation of Tianjin, Tianjin Museum has received more than 1.5 million visitors from home and abroad
94.Zhou Enlai & Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall plays an educational role with its multi functions and has received more than 4 million visitors from both Home and Abroad
93.“Chinese Hollywood” in Dragon Valley of Jixian County in Tianjin
92.Tianjin will build the biggest polar aquarium in China and visitors could have intimate contact with polar marine life
91.Binhai International Exhibition Center: a landmark building in Binhai New Area
90.Tianjin Dagu Bridge wins Eugene · Figo award
89.Tianjin Olympic Center: “Water drop”
88.Tianjin has established many Confucius Institutes in nine countries
87.Globally renowned Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Research Institute in Nankai University
86.Nankai High School: the Alma Mater of two Premiers of China
85.Zhang Boling: the First Advocator of Olympics in China
84.Tianjin: the first city to use specialized legislation to protect historical buildings
83.Tianjin “Five-Avenue Area”: being worthy of the reputation of “World Building Exposition”
82.“Wall Street”of North China: the revival of century-old street
81.Italian-Style Area: model of historical and cultural inheritance on the bank of Haihe River inTianjin
80.Tianjin launches the core tourism brand “Lookat Modern China in Tianjin”
79.Tianjin, a window of modern China
78.Nearly 90 percent of urban and rural residents hold positive attitudes towards public security of Tianjin
77.The veteran industrial city accelerates forestation efforts and garden city dream
76.Luanhe-River-to-Tianjin Diversion Project: the biggestacross-basin diversion project at the beginning of China’s Reform and Opening-up Campaign
75.“Beijing-Tianjin All-In-One Card” makes it convenient for people commuting frequently between the two cities
74.Tianjin will have advanced underground traffic network
73.Main body of Tianjin Station Traffic Junction Project, the largest comprehensive traffic junction in China, is put into operation
72.Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Express Railwaymakes half-an-hour traffic possible from Beijing to Tianjin
71.Beijing-Tianjin Expressway is in full operation, five major roads bringing two metropolises close to each other
70.The new Tianjin Binhai International Terminal is bringing along new development opportunities
69.A soundless university classroom
68.Tianjin women are bravely “knitting up” their own businesses
67.8890: The most effective hotline in Tianjinhelps local resident deal with nearly 3 million emergency cases in three years
66.The nation’s first Help Center for Needy Workers have supported 370,000 workers during the past six years
65.Millions of Tianjin residents have their own“family doctors”
64.Urban and rural medical security system has been established with residents from both areas enjoying basic medical security service
63.Tianjin Municipal Government steps up the construction of housing security system, effectively solving the housing problem of low-income families
62.Tianjin practices overall planning of urban and rural social security systems, establishing and improving social security system
61.Power generation by garbage: a new try for tackling energy and environment problem in the old industrial city
60.The hazardous waste treat and disposal center of Tianjin safeguards people’s health and the environment
59.The biggest sea water desalination plant in Asia is near completion — Tianjin’s sea water desalination industry is emerging
58.Tianjin builds up the biggest production base of electric vehicles in the world
57.Tianjin: National New Energy Industrialization Base
56.Tianjin Ecological City: a new try for transplanting Singapore’s experience in China
55.South-to-North Water Diversion Project will solve the water shortage problem of Tianjin completely
54.Tianjin: the new model of water conservation in China
53.With limpid rivers, clear sky and green trees, Tianjin is turning into a eco-city from an originally environmental-friendly city
52.Ziya Circulative Economic Park, the city mine of Tianjin
51.Tianjin has built five recurrent economic demonstration plots
50.Faster development of the economy with less energy consumed. The ecology-friendly transformation of the extra large and old industrial city makes the progress
49.Tianjin: China’s R&D and Industrialization Base for stem cell
48.Tianjin Membrane: new technology makes the biggest hollow fiber membrane producing center in Asia
47.The world’s biggest LED illumination demonstration project is shaping the future of Tianjin’s industrialization base for semiconductor illumination
46.Tianjin is forging ahead towards the international advanced level in the field of animal cloning
45.Tianjin: China’s industry base for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine
44.Bio-Pharmaceutical International Innovation Park is driving ahead the rapid development of Binhai New Area’s bio-industry
43.Tianjin is actively creating a new base for the technology innovation of China civil aviation
42.The innovative and fast-developing Tianjin Hi-tech Industry Park has been a hot land for investment
41.As a national vocational technical education reform experimental zone, Tianjin pioneers a characteristic route to the combination of work and study
40.Through better tuning government functions, the Tianjin Administrative Permission Service Center enhances its examination and approval efficiency and wins praise from the public
39.Huaming Town makes a breakthrough in the urbanization of villages and is selected as the Urban Best Practices Area of World Expo 2010
38.Fixed-rate low-interest loan: China’s first house saving bank provides new service to home buyers
37.The Spirit of innovation has prompted China Bohai Bank to showcase its strong potentials
36.Tianjin Property Rights Exchange: actively constructing globalized platform for property rights exchange
35.Bohai Industrial Investment Fund provides a useful attempt to RMB industry investment fund
34.Tianjin spares no efforts building up China’s fund centre
33.A grand financing feast — China International Private Equity Forum will be held in Tianjin annually
32.Tianjin creates modern financial service system suitable for the North China economic center
31.Tianjin International Shipping Service Center helps Binhai New Area perform the service function of regional economy
30.Tianjin Port implements simplified customs formalities to create a new management mechanism
29.Tianjin builds inland water-free ports to support regional economic development
28.The largest bonded port area will become a new engine for the development of Binhai New Area
27.Tianjin has become an important destination in North China to attract investment from Taiwan Province
26.Tianjin becomes a hot place for foreign investment,with more than 20,000 foreign-invested enterprises
25.One-million-ton ethylene project yields more than 100 billion yuan of industrial output value and promotes the development of chemical industry in Tianjin
24.The new-generation launch vehicle base enters a substantive construction phase in Tianjin
23.Tianjin Airbus General Assembly Line is going on smoothly. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2009
22.Aviation city helps form the complete aviation industrial chain in Tianjin
21.From “the world factory” to “the world office”,TEDA is built into a outsourcing service base
20.Tianjin will spend 10 years to develop Yujia Pu into a financial innovation base
19.The new landmark of Binhai New Area—Xiangluo Wan Commercial area
18.Tianjin will invest RMB 65 billion yuan to build a high-level Bohai Chemical Park
17.Tianjin will put large investment into Tianjin Lin’gang Industrial Park, and build it into a new industrial city
16.Tianjin will be the largest manufacturing center for mobile phone in China with the production capacity of 200 million units
15.Tianjin produces the famous Tourbillon in the world, with 90 percent of the watches having their independent intellectual property rights
14.Tianjin will be a key base for high-performance computer production in China
13.Tianjin dedicates to building the car manufacturing base of national level
12.Tianjin is the production base for bicycle industry
11.Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation will develop into the world-class steel pipe production base
10.One hundred and twenty-eight of World Top 500 multi-national companies have invested in Tianjin
9.Construction on Tianjin’s industry structure is accelerated in the spirit of high-end, high-quality and high-technology orientation
8.Tianjin Port is the only continental-bridge port with three transport lines
7.Throughput at Tianjin Port exceeded 300 million tons in 2007, ranking the sixth in the world
6.Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone plays a positive role serving the economic development of North China
5.TEDA accelerates the construction of a new economic growth platform for China
4.Tianjin’s per capita GDP surpasses US$ 6,000
3.Tianjin is moving toward a new setup withthree layers of coordinated development
2.Tianjin Binhai New Area is expediting development and opening-up as the pioneer with perspective of scientific development
1.Tianjin is pinpointed to grow into the economic center of North China

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