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Airbus A320 Project


Airbus delivered the first A320 aircraft assembled in China to Dragon Aviation Leasing on 23rd June. Sichuan Airlines operated the jet, painted with a red dragon on its body. It started flying commercially to Beijing from 24th June. The airline deployed the aircraft on the Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei routes. The A320 final assembly line in Tianjin will roll out 10 more aircraft this year and the jets will be delivered to Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and China Eastern Airlines.

The Tianjin factory was launched in September last year as the company's first aircraft final assembly line outside Europe.

It has been regarded as a strategic project for Airbus, not only to generate incremental sales in China, but also to ramp up the production capacity of its best-selling single-aisle A320 family of aircraft to meet strong market demand.

  • Airbus delivers 1st China-assembled A320 jet   2009-06-23
  • Airbus A320 project powers the service industry in Airport Industrial Park of Free Trade Zone   2009-05-18
  • The Airbus A320 general assembly line in the free trade zone will deliver 11 aircrafts this year   2009-05-18
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  • Test flight of Airbus plane produced in the Free Trade Zone will be conducted next month   2009-05-04
  • Tianjin produced Airbus becomes a “white dolphin” waiting for its maiden show at the end of the month   2009-05-08
  • Aviation training center settled in Free Trade Zone, European license can be obtained   2009-05-04
  • Local carriers to get Airbus A320s   2009-04-18
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