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The Harmonious and High-power Electric Locomotive has been put into Operation in Lingang Economic Zone
enorth.com.cn   2011-01-17 17:43


The harmonious and high-power electric locomotive manufactured by Tianjin Electric locomotive Co., Ltd. has been put into operation on December 31 in Lingang economic zone, and the first new-type locomotive has been assembled and put into production line. The harmonious and high-power electric locomotive with independent intellectual property rights fully owned by state is also the main machine type of Chinese railway passenger and freight transport at the same time. Manufacturing of high-power and electric locomotive harmony has not only an important role in improvement, innovation and development of railway technology and equipment, but also very important significance to promote advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Tianjin, and drive development of high-tech industry. Smooth assembly line of locomotive marks that cooperation between Tianjin and Ministry of Railways has entered into a new stage.


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