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Learn About Tianjin
Brief Introduction···
The history of Tianjin dates back to the digging of the Grand Cannal in Sui Dynasty (581-618). The present Sancha Hekou near Jin’ gang Bridge used to be the confluence of the South Canal and the North Canal. And it is from this place that Tianjin has expanded and developed.
Geographical Location
  Located at latitude 38°34′N-40°15′N and longitude 116°43′E-118°04′E, Tianjin belongs to the 8th eastern international time zone.
  Located in the warm temperate zone, Tianjin has sub-humid continental monsoon climate. As it is influenced by the sea and ocean...
Natural Resources
  Tianjin enjoys a rich supply of natural resources, which is quite rare in large cities both at home and abroad. First of all, Tianjin has abundant oil and gas resources. Its Bohai and Dagang Oil Fields are key state oil and gas projects, turning out 17,830,000 tons of crude oil and 880,000,000m3 of natural gas in 2005.
Performance Art
  Beijing opera
Beijing opera has a history of more than 200 years, which can best represent Chinese naTion and plays an important part in world art field.
The exciting acrobatics performances are favored by audiences all over the world.
  Kunqu Opera
Kunqu Opera has a history of 500 years, which inherited the literary traditions of Chinese classical poems, parallel prose and popular stories.
Folk Art
  Painted Sculpture of Clay Figure Zhang
Its founder, Zhang Mingshn(1826-1906) was an expertise in producing clay figurines.
  Kites of Wei
Famous handicraftsman Wei Yuantai(1872-1961) devoted all his life to kites.
  Yangliuqing Folk Painting
It is one of the three famous New Year Pictures in China, which first appeared in...

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